Looking to lose weight, change your body shape, improve your fitness or get stronger?

Whatever your aim, it is worthwhile booking some personal training appointments to learn what works for you. These goals require patience, commitment and motivation. Personal training can help you achieve them by providing encouragement and motivation, by helping you prepare your body position for exercise and advising on the correct techniques for optimal results.

Nutritional Guidance

Nutritional Guidance is designed for personal training clients or for someone looking to make little changes to their lifestyle that will yield long term benefits.

Clients receive a bespoke diet plan which will manage calorie demand, carbohydrate, fat and protein consumption as well as guidance on portion control and the benefits of vitamins and minerals.

Fitness Testing

Fitness testing is an important component of lifestyle change. It helps identify where you are in terms of health, fitness and nutrition and identify what you should be working towards. It also provides reassurance that your personal training sessions are working for you.

£30 per appointment